One Component Speakers Most Often Overlook

Author: Curtis Fletcher

It seems that every year at the SCORRE™ Conference I get at least one student in my group who wants to use copious detailed notes for their talk. The simple reason is that they have crafted a manuscript detailing exactly what they want to say. Even when I point out to them on video how impersonal it looks to be reading to their audience, they resist giving up the notes because they like the words.

I WISH they would spend as much time figuring out their audience as they do sweating over the turn of a phrase.

It goes without saying that every speaker/presenter needs to know their material. I don’t mean their lines, I mean their subject matter and the objective of their talk. But it is far too often the case that in preparation for a presentation speakers gloss over the makeup of the audience.

Key Word: Choose It and Use It!

Ken sent the following message to group of custom SCORRE™ students. It’s so good, we thought we’d share it with you! For those of you who are SCORRE™ Conference alumni, the verbiage will sound familiar. For those who aren’t, it will all make sense when you come to the next SCORRE™ Conference (hint hint)!

Author: Ken Davis


As you continue your quest to be clear and powerful in your speaking, here is my helpful encouragement for the week:

Every speaker can deliver a more powerful and memorable speech by following these Ken Kommandments:

3 Discoveries You Will Make at the SCORRE™ Conference

Author: Jeff Goins

The first day of the SCORRE™ Conference went off without a hitch. The staff arrived on Sunday, and yesterday all students arrived to check in and begin a week or workshops. Twenty-six states were represented, and five people from Canada came.

How It Began

Ken Davis opened the evening with a few powerful statements: “If you know where you’re going [in a talk], people will follow you wherever you go… If you aim at nothing you will hit it every single time.”