Episode 028 Featuring John Morgan


It’s Not About You: How Your Highest Moment Can Quickly Become Your Lowest

In episode 028 Ken Davis interviews the well-known President Bush impersonator, John Morgan!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How John got his start as a presidential impersonator
  • The incredible lesson John learned from his appearance on America’s Got Talent
  • Why you must always love your audience and always bring your a-game

How to Effectively Evaluate Your Talk [Part 1]

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_2Author: Curtis O. Fletcher

Those who have attended the SCORRE™ Conference know that the E in SCORRE™ stands for evaluation. Sadly, too many speakers believe that evaluation is really just a post mortem exercise. In this three part series I’ll teach you how to most effectively evaluate YOUR talk before, during, and after the presentation.

Pre-delivery evaluation of any talk is crucial if you want to ensure a good connection with your audience. Far too often speakers pour over their content, crating and honing the words and turns of phrase without ever taking the time to do some fundamental pre-speech evaluation.

Pre-speech evaluation, while seemingly simple in essence, provides a critical foundation for success and centers on your knowledge of the three elementary A’s.

Episode 027: Be a Road Warrior


Be A Road Warrior – How to Stay Healthy on the Road

Thanks for tuning in to the Art and Business of Public Speaking! In Episode 027 we discuss how to stay healthy on the road – be a road warrior!

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • How to be intentional about your health on the road
  • The best time to workout while you travel
  • To walk, walk, walk!

Episode 026: Featuring Danny de Armas


How to Start a Career from Scratch or Catapult an Existing Career to New Levels

Thanks for tuning in to the Art and Business of Public Speaking! In Episode 026 Ken interviews long-time friend and business partner Danny de Armas about the business of public speaking.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of recognizing untapped opportunity and acting on it
  • Why you must learn to listen to the market
  • How to determine your value

Listening to Yourself

DeathtoStock_Creative Community8SmallAuthor Joy Engelsman

Speakers want to be listened to. We speak to others because we believe we have a message worth sharing. But when was the last time we listened to ourselves?

In preparation for an upcoming presentation, I asked my coach to listen to a previous speech and offer his critique. He gave me honest feedback on what he heard, then he said, “Now you listen to it yourself.”

Episode 025: Featuring Robert D. Smith


Asking the Right Questions and Knowing When To Begin Building Your Train

Thanks for tuning in to the Art and Business of Public Speaking! In Episode 025 Ken joins Robert D. Smith to talk about Robert’s book, No Brand is an Island as well as Robert’s experience managing Andy Andrews for the last three decades.

Episode 024: Money Money Money

Thanks for tuning in to the Art and Business of Public Speaking! In Episode 024 we discuss the “m” word – money! Money can be a difficult subject – especially when it comes to putting a price on yourself.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • When to start charging for your services
  • How much to charge for your services and when to raise your price
  • How to discuss what you charge for your services

Two Simple Words That Will Improve Every Meeting

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_1Author Keith Ferrin

As we sat down to plan an upcoming team meeting, the conversation went something like this…

Me: “What is the purpose of your team meeting.”

George (my client): “The purpose is to update my team on the status of ABC Project.”

Me: “No it isn’t.”

George (with a puzzled look): “Er…uh…yes it is.”

Me. “No it isn’t. Updating your team is never your purpose.”

George: “Ok. So what’s my purpose?”

Me: “I don’t know yet. But I know two words that will help us discover your purpose.”

That’s when I shared with him the two words that will improve every meeting you ever plan.

Episode 023: Featuring Les Clairmont


A Speaker’s Family and Life as a Speaker’s Spouse

Thanks for tuning in to the Art and Business of Public Speaking! In Episode 023 Ken interviews Les Clairmont to discuss how a speaking career plays into the family dynamic and what it’s like being married to a speaker.

Episode 022: Featuring Patsy Clairmont


Being Deliberate and Why We Must Leave Space to Learn More

Thanks for tuning in to the Art and Business of Public Speaking! In Episode 022 Patsy Clairmont joins Ken to discuss the crucial steps you should take when you are trying to grow your career as speaker.