Why All Great Communicators are Readers

Author Dr. Michael Hudson

Learn all you can from the mistakes of others. You won’t
have the time to make them all yourself. ~ Alfred Sheinwold

There’s a reason why so many speakers and leaders write books—they understand the power of reading, they know the value of ideas, and they recognize the impact reading has on their success.


But wait, there’s more…

The reality is that the more you read the better you will be able communicate in any situation.

That’s because when you read you increase your exposure to different ways to structure sentences, present ideas, and transition from one idea to the next—exactly the things that make you more effective when you speak.

As one who works with people who want to get their message heard, I’m often asked what books people should read to improve their speaking and increase their impact. That’s what led me to create what I call the The Speaker’s Library—a collection of 12 books that will help you craft your messaging and deliver it with authority.

And I am giving it away, for free.

I won’t review all of the books here (learn more about them here), but I will focus on one that should be of particular interest to readers of this blog: Secrets of Dynamic Communication by Ken Davis.

Here’s why Ken’s book is in this library…

¬ It is my go to reference for helping people learn to frame their core message before they start preparing their presentation or deciding when and how to share it,

¬ It is packed with practical, useful insight you can use to get your message heard by every audience you are privileged to address in any situation, and

¬ It outlines a powerful, effective, and simple formula (SCORRE™) that will change the way you think about presenting your messages to people and increase the impact you have when you do.

All of the books included in The Speaker’s Library were chosen because they will help those who want to create and deliver better messages, leverage the power of speaking to grow their business, and get clear on how they can use their story to increase their impact.

For your opportunity to win this valuable library of potentially life changing information all you need to do is go to The Speaker’s Library and answer a simple question for your opportunity to have these books on your personal bookshelf. And, if you want to increase your chances of winning you’ll get three additional entries for every person you share it with who enters.

Before you go I want you to think for a minute about how much more impact you could create if you took your communication skills to a new level. Can you imagine what it would feel like to step onto the stage or to the front of the meeting room and get your message heard every time without all the nervousness? Can you envision being a more effective leader because you communicate with your team with clarity and consistency? Or perhaps you can see yourself standing on a bigger stage impacting lives with your message?

That’s what reading books like those in The Speaker’s Library can and will do for you. So don’t miss this chance to add them to your bookshelf today—enter for your chance to win all 12 of them here.

Dr. Michael Hudson is a teacher, speaker, writer, coach, & ideapreneur who helps entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, and consultants get their ideas heard by leveraging their personal stories and experiences to reveal insights that create impact. Visit MichaelHudson.com for more information and to download your free copy of 52 Speaker Secrets that will help you deliver better presentations every time you step to the front of the room.

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