Speakers: Learn to Land the Plane!


Author: Bobby Fisher

I have flown hundreds of times. There are certain phenomena that are common to flights. The rush of power you feel at take-off, the unsettling harshness of air turbulence and of course, the landing. You would think they would be better at it. Take-offs, pretty good, turbulence, well they can’t really do anything about it – but somehow they know it’s coming and they get you prepped. But the landing is always a crapshoot. Sometimes pretty good, usually a little unsettling, occasionally scary.

My wife Jill and I have a signal we use whenever we are listening to a speaker. We probably use it 60-70% of the time. One of us will nudge the other, hold out our hand palm down, angle it downward, and swoop it down. This signal is our universal plea for the speaker to end his or her talk. There are a lot of speakers out there that would improve immediately if they would learn how to land the plane.

When landing a plane, the pilots have to do three things: 1) they lower the flaps and start to move downward towards the airfield, 2) they lower their landing gear, 3) they put the plane down on the runway.

Speakers please hear this: When you’re done, land the plane!

  • Lower the flaps and start your descent. This might simply be a restatement of the key points of your talk. I’m not a big fan of “Tell them what your going to tell them, tell them, and tell them what you just told them.” That will probably be boring and redundant. But you can briefly remind the audience of the important takeaways from your talk.
  • Lower the landing gear. A powerful story that emphasizes or summarizes your talk is always a great way to approach the landing. You can also refer back to your opening illustration and integrate it into the landing.
  • Set it down! Close with confidence, apply the emotion and presence appropriate to your talk, make your closing statement, and walk off the stage. There is nothing worse that sitting on the runway for a half hour waiting for a gate to become available.

Great speakers know how to land the plane. At the SCORRE™ Conference, we will help you learn the art of taking off, the art of navigating turbulence, and of course, the art of landing.

My goal is to convince you to land in Rome Georgia on October 17-20 for The SCORRE™ Conference. Have a great flight!

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Bobby has been married to his lovely wife Jill for over 37 years. He is father of three grown children and grandfather to seven.

Bobby has a unique background of over twenty five years in the business world before transitioning into ministry in 2000. He is passionate about the local church and its role in the surrounding community. He is committed to the mission of Dynamic Communicators International and the SCORRE™ Conference to bring clarity and focus to all who have a message to share–especially those who proclaim the Word of Christ.

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