Episode Listing

Episode 001 Welcome to the Art & Business of Public Speaking

Episode 002 I Want to be a Speaker; How Do I Get Started?

Episode 003 Featuring Amy Porterfield

Episode 004 Featuring Carol Kent Part 1

Episode 005 Featuring Carol Kent Part 2

Episode 006 Featuring John Branyan

Episode 007 Featuring Dan Miller

Episode 008 Featuring Bob Stromberg Part 1

Episode 009 Featuring Bob Stromberg Part 2

Episode 010 The Importance of Light and Sound Part 1

Episode 011 The Importance of Light and Sound Part 2

Episode 012 Featuring Ian Morgan Cron

Episode 013 Featuring Seth Denney

Episode 014 Featuring Michael Hyatt

Episode 015 Watch Out Behind You

Episode 016 Featuring Andy Andrews Part 1

Episode 017 Featuring Andy Andrews Part 2

Episode 018 Featuring Casey Graham

Episode 019 Maximize Your Speaking Events Before You Get on the Plane

Episode 020 Maximize Your Speaking Events After You Land

Episode 021 Featuring Jeff Goins

Episode 022 Featuring Patsy Clairmont

Episode 023 Featuring Les Clairmont

Episode 024 Money Money Money

Episode 025 Featuring Robert D. Smith

Episode 026 Featuring Danny de Armas

Episode 027 Be a Road Warrior: How to Stay Healthy on the Road

Episode 028 Featuring John Morgan

Episode 029 The Power of Story

Episode 030 Featuring Cliff Ravenscraft

Episode 031 How to Handle Criticism

Episode 032 Featuring Wes Yoder

Episode 033 How to Maximize Media Opportunities

Episode 034 Featuring Mike Kim

Episode 035 Prepare to Get Stuck

Episode 036 Featuring Fernando Galindo

Episode 037 Featuring Jay and Laura Laffoon

Episode 038 Product Strategy Tips Part 1

Episode 039 Product Strategy Tips Part 2

Episode 040 Featuring Liz Curtis Higgs

Episode 041 Featuring C. McNair Wilson

Episode 042 Featuring Tom Ziglar

Episode 043 Let’s Get Personal

Episode 044 Featuring Mark Gungor

Episode 045 Featuring Michele Cushatt

Episode 046 Featuring Ray Edwards

Episode 047 Featuring Lysa TerKeurst

Episode 048 Featuring Jeff Brown

Episode 049 Featuring Brian Holmes

Episode 050 Featuring Crystal Paine

Episode 051 Featuring Eric Alexander

Episode 052 Featuring Brad Mix

Episode 053 Featuring Mark Sanborn

Episode 054 Featuring Mike Williams

Episode 055 Speaking Successfully at Fundraising Events

Episode 056 Featuring Daren Streblow

Episode 057 Featuring Arlene Pellicane

Episode 058 Featuring Curtis Fletcher

Episode 059 Featuring Sheila Walsh

Episode 060 Featuring Todd Hawkins

Episode 061 Featuring Michael Hudson

Episode 062 The Story of Ken Davis Part 1

Episode 063 The Story of Ken Davis Part 2

Episode 064 The Story of Ken Davis Part 3

Episode 065 Featuring Scott Stover

Episode 066 How to Kill Your Career Part 1

Episode 067 How to Kill Your Career Part 2

Episode 068 Featuring Bob Westfall

Episode 069 How to Use Humor Part 1

Episode 070 How to Use Humor Part 2

Episode 071 How to Use Humor Part 3

Episode 072 The Gifts of Good Communication

Episode 073 Featuring Elisa Morgan

Episode 074 Watch What You Wear

Episode 075 Featuring Derrick Tennant

Episode 076 The Importance of a Carefully Crafted Vocabulary

Episode 077 Featuring Joshua Straub

Episode 078 Featuring Bill Graybill

Episode 079 How Do I Move from Where I am Now to Where I am Going?

Episode 080 Featuring Daren Streblow 

Episode 081 Featuring Carrie Wilkerson

Episode 082 Featuring Joel Smith

Episode 083 Featuring Michael Hyatt

Episode 084 Featuring Kristi Overton Johnson

Episode 085 How to Handle the Unexpected

Episode 086 Notes Part 1: Should You Use Them?

Episode 087 Notes Part 2: An Outline Overview

Episode 088 Featuring Cliff Ravenscraft

Episode 089 What You Need to Know to Negotiate

Episode 090 Featuring Kathy Koch

Episode 091 Featuring Brian Holmes

Episode 092 The Qualities of a Good Opening

Episode 093 The Qualities of a Good Closing

Episode 094 Featuring Jim Young 

Episode 095 Featuring Andy Andrews

Episode 096 SCORRE™ in Scripture Part 1

Episode 097 SCORRE™ in Scripture Part 2

Episode 098 Featuring David Horsager

Episode 099 Featuring Kirk Bowman

Episode 100 Featuring Candie Blankman

Episode 101 The Art of Powerful Public Speaking Part 1

Episode 102 The Art of Powerful Public Speaking Part 2

Episode 103 The Art of Powerful Public Speaking Part 3

Episode 104 The Art of Powerful Public Speaking Part 4

Episode 105 The Art of Powerful Public Speaking Part 5

Episode 106 The Art of Powerful Public Speaking Part 6

Episode 107 The Art of Powerful Public Speaking Part 7

Episode 108 The Art of Powerful Public Speaking Part 8

Episode 109 Featuring Jerry Jenkins

Episode 110 Featuring Mark Lowry 

Episode 111 Featuring Kody & Kyler McCormick

Episode 112 Featuring Chonda Pierce 

Episode 113 Featuring Michele Cushatt

Episode 114 Featuring Sarah Beckman

Episode 115 Featuring Christy Wright

Episode 116 Featuring Jackie Hobbins

Episode 117 Featuring Richard Allen Farmer

Episode 118 Featuring Anthony O’Neal

Episode 119 Featuring Lee Cockerell

Episode 120 Discovering Your Assets

Episode 121 Featuring Chris Hogan

Episode 122 Featuring Bob Stromberg

Episode 123 Featuring Rob Corne

Episode 124 How to Speak to Youth

Episode 125 Featuring Paul Johnson

Episode 126 Featuring Patrick Coffin

Episode 127 Featuring Paula Wallace

Episode 128 Featuring John Branyan

Episode 129 Get Away and Get Ahead

Episode 130 Featuring James McLamb and Matt Rush

Episode 131 Principles of Preparing for an Interview

Episode 132  A Live Look at the Process of Writing Comedy with John Branyan

Episode 133 How to Navigate Negotiation with Joy Groblebe

Episode 134 Featuring Karen Anderson

Episode 135 Featuring Stu McLaren

Episode 136 Featuring Lee Camp


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