Episode 024: Money Money Money

Thanks for tuning in to the Art and Business of Public Speaking! In Episode 024 we discuss the “m” word – money! Money can be a difficult subject – especially when it comes to putting a price on yourself.

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • When to start charging for your services
  • How much to charge for your services and when to raise your price
  • How to discuss what you charge for your services

Resources in this episode:
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Launch Online Training
Facebook post by Kathy Lipp
For the Love of Money by the O’Jays

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5 thoughts on “Episode 024: Money Money Money

  1. I especially appreciated the ideas to help you feel better about the values I add rather than accepting the shame and the criticism of those who don’t think I should be charging them.

    Putting a price on my speaking established me as a business not just a ministry. Now, I am able to do speak for all kinds of audiences- even the small to no budget groups thanks to a group that pays full price. It’s my way to bless them.

    Thanks for al that you do!