Become a Powerful Communicator in Just 4 Days

Author Sarah Beckman

Grueling. Gratifying. Emptying. Filling. Joyous. Tender. Challenging. Rewarding.

These are the 4 days of the SCORRE™ Conference where you are equipped to communicate with clarity and focus.

In a boardroom, stadium, chapel or living room, whether on paper, on canvas, digitally, or spoken – each of us have something to say.

And this conference helps you do it better!

In 2006, I attended SCORRE™ as a student and it changed my life. The speaking and writing ministry I have today is because of what I learned 8 years ago. Now I have the privilege of spending 4 days, twice a year, helping others from all spheres of influence learn the joy of crystal clear, powerful communication, as part of the coaching staff.

What happens in those hotel conference rooms with the 8 or 9 people who make up my small group, and among the staff and team who lead them, I now consider sacred.

There is so much more that happens when we strip away stages, computers, microphones and whiteboards. And that’s where the true beauty is uncovered.

Each and every student that attends leaves with more than they brought in their luggage, yet their bags are less heavy. They’ve left behind their flapping hands, distracting habits, and even their boisterous delivery. They’ve also left behind an improper focus on what they want to say, instead of what their audience needs to hear.

It’s my job to help each person in my group find their own voice. To double their gifts. To use what’s been given… not bury it in the back yard. Even if they’re afraid of what future responsibility it will bring.

Four days filled with laughter that is uncontrollable, hearts that are untenable, messages that are immeasurable.

When I leave I am changed. By both the message and its deliverers. And even though in the giving I find myself depleted, in the joy of changed lives I am restored.

There are few things in life that one knows they must do. This is one of mine. 

Join us at the SCORRE™ Conference next month, October 26-29, 2015 at the beautiful Park Hyatt Beaver Creek in Colorado! Use the code: SARAH and receive $100 off an Intensive Level Registration!

Sarah Beckman is a Speaker, Writer and Communications Coach.  She also speaks to audiences across the country on topics including loving your neighbor, sharing your faith, safeguarding your marriage and digging up your talents.  She lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband, Craig and her 3 teenage children.  She loves the mountains and eating green chile. 

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