2 Ken Commandments for SCORRE™

Ken sent the following message to group of custom SCORRE™ students. It’s so good, we thought we’d share it with you! For those of you who are SCORRE™ Conference alumni, the verbiage will sound familiar. For those who aren’t, it will all make sense when you come to the next SCORRE™ Conference (hint hint)!

Author: Ken Davis


As you continue your quest to be clear and powerful in your speaking, here is my helpful encouragement for the week:

Every speaker can deliver a more powerful and memorable speech by following these Ken Kommandments:

Ken Kommandment #1: Choose a key word!

Make sure that you have a good key word that defines all of your rationale. Even if your presentation is narrative and you won’t actually say the key word (remember, this is extremely rare and difficult), make sure you have a key word written in your ugly sentence. Memorize it. Know it. Think it as you speak. Even if you are Gen X or Gen Y person… choose a key word. If you know where you are going you can take anyone with you. If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time. Choose a key word.

If you know where you are going you can take anyone with you. If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.

Ken Kommandment #2: Use that key word!

Each time you begin a new rationale, use that key word. My first Ken Kommandment was choose a key word. But that word is no good unless you use it. So my second Ken Kommandment is, use that key word. Use it when you are reviewing your rationale. Feel totally obligated to use the key word when you remind your listeners of the rationale you have already covered and when you name your new rationale. Sound redundant and simplistic. Trust me. It only sounds that way to you.

Your audience WANTS to know what you are driving at and where you are in the journey. All the stories and dynamics in the world without focus are at best only entertainment. There is nothing wrong with entertainment but you have been called to change lives, so I encourage you to carefully select that key word and USE IT!

I am confident that each of you will be more powerful communicators by following this week’s Ken Kommandments.

Choose a key word! Use the Key Word!

Always in your corner,

– Ken

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