Roaring Clarity

Author Bobby Fisher

It’s our favorite word! As the Executive Pastor at Shelter Cove Community Church, I am involved in almost all the conversations around our vision and strategy to reach people with the Gospel message. Our Lead Pastor and I ask the same question all the time, “Are we saying it with clarity?”

Why is this important? A lack of clarity will spawn confusion, frustration and inefficiency. I have actually heard a leader say that they like to keep things a little vague to keep people on their toes. That’s bad leadership!

We live in a world of mixed messages and vagaries. We are bombarded with a cacophony of messages that blend into a dull roar. Pick your subject: politics, religion, business… the list goes on. Everyone has an opinion and theirs is the right one. If you do not communicate with clarity, your message will simply blend into the roar.

I ask myself several questions when I am preparing to speak. These questions help me build clarity into my message. There are three foundational questions every communicator should ask when preparing to speak or write.

What do I want to say?

I know it sounds pretty basic, but do you know what you really want to say? At The SCORRE™ Conference you will learn how to articulate what you want to say in a manner that will make the point of your presentation unmistakable. People want clarity, and I promise if you don’t have it, your audience won’t come close!

Why do I want to say it?

In other words, why is your message important? What difference will it make in the lives of your listeners? There are many gifted speakers out there, but not as many gifted communicators. Why? I believe it is because the have not taken the time to answer this question. Know your audience; be aware of their needs so you can craft a message that will bring value to their lives. If your message does not bring value to your listeners…it will become part of the roar.

What do I want my listeners to do?

If your message does not move your audience to consideration or action, you are either entertaining them or filling time. In this day and age, people need practical application. Messages with deep thoughts and no take-away quickly enter the roar. There is nothing wrong with depth, as long as it takes your listeners to a place that will make a difference in their lives.

Our goal at The SCORRE™ Conference is to help you integrate these three questions (and much more) into your communication preparation. I simply believe it is the finest conference on planet earth for becoming an effective communicator. Join us in October at the beautiful Park Hyatt Beaver Creek in Colorado for four days that will give your messages Roaring Clarity!

Bobby Fisher and his wife Jill live in Modesto California. Bobby has extensive experience in the secular business arena and well as fifteen years serving as an Executive Pastor. He is passionate about clearly communicating the Gospel as well as serving in his community. Bobby has been a part of the SCORRE™ Team since 2006.

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