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We want to share a post by Ken Davis about the upcoming SCORRE™ Conference. It is truly incredible each year to experience how SCORRE™ impacts the lives and careers of our attendees. No matter what you do for a living, if you desire to communicate more powerfully and more effectively you should consider attending SCORRE™. Continue reading to hear what our attendees have had to say about SCORRE™ over the years…

  • “Once you learn the SCORRE™ speaking method, you can’t unlearn it.” —Michael Hyatt
  • “Speaker wannabes: Truly, verily you should make it a priority to come to the SCORRE™ Conference. Transformational!”
  • “Thank you… Ken Davis for inspiring amazing people to resolve to connect here at the SCORRE Conference! Phenomenal!” —Justin Foster
  • “Even as a professional speaker, [the SCORRE™ Conference] is challenging me to work on my skills, my message, my craft… They are challenging me, stretching me and making me think differently.” —Carrie Wilkerson
  • Before SCORRE™, I was the sort of public speaker who accidentally scattered her notes across a stage mid-speech. After SCORRE™, I didn’t even need them. In less than a year, using what I learned at SCORRE™ had turned me from amateur speaker to pro. I hop planes now for gigs, and people actually pay me to do it. – Arleen Spenceley
  • “Loving SCORRE™. Thank you for the sharing, challenging and educating.” —Paul Evans
  • “I love that I am being stretched to improve as a communicator…” —Chuck Carringer
  • “Nerve-wracking? Yep. Invigorating? Definitely. Helpful? I can’t wait for the rest of the week and seeing how some of these principles can be applied to what I do for our church on Sunday mornings.” —Chris Vacher
  • “Great sessions, full access to the staff and validation of my speaking gift. Worth the money!” —Kelly Combs
  • “Incredible time at the SCORRE™ conference! I learned so much and met some amazing people. I’m changed as a communicator forever.” —Holly Worley
  • “It brings me such joy to be around people who take the gift of public speaking seriously. I love coaching [at SCORRE™]. It’s a true honor.” —Ryan Daffron

If you’ve been waiting to attend one of our events, we hope you’ll find a way to get here this year! Our fall SCORRE™ conference at the Park Hyatt Beaver Creek in Colorado is filling quickly. Find out how you can be a part of our life changing SCORRE™ conference here

Save $100 on an Intensive level registration by clicking here or using the promo code: KEN.

If you’ve attended SCORRE™ in the past, how did our conference change the way you approached public speaking and communication? 

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